Digital weight and balance meter.
This product comprises:
3 pc of a high precision, digital output, weight sensor, featuring a resolution of 1 gram.
1 pc central computer, including an color touchscreen of high quality and sunlight readable, plus up to 100 models memory and slot for uSD card, used for data backup and software upgrade.
See the video for more information of the use of this unit.

Capable for planes up tp 40Kg (90lb), tricycle or bicycle (warbirds).

Price 260
Data terminal-System Analyzer [SysAnaly]

Miniature data terminal for Xicoy devices including FADEC ecus with servo lead conection.
Can be installed permanently on board. Low power comsumption.
LCD Graphical display with blue LED backlight for perfect reading from dark to full sunlight conditions.
System analyzer:
Measures servo signals (pulse voltage, pulse width, pulse duration, frame rate, including graphical display of pulse shape)
RX battery voltage monitoring. Records maximum voltage, minimum voltage and measuring time.
RX Battery voltage oscilloscope function. Graphical display of the variations of battery voltage, servo induced pulses, etc.
Ideal for checking the health of your power system.
Weight: 25g (0.88oz) Size 55 x 38 x 12.4mm

Price: 45
Miniature FADEC Main unit. (ECU) Autostart. Magnetic RPM input. Only the main unit, no RX cables nor power leads. Start mode: Manual, Gas and Kerostart.
Weight: 18g. Size: 47x29x15 mm.
Battery voltage: 7,4V nominal. 8,4V Maximum
Important notes:
- This unit use the new data terminal with servo lead. Old data terminal not compatible.
-In the case you plan to upgrade your old engine to Kerostart system, please note that:
It is not easy to upgrade and setup a kerostart system. Not a plug&play system. There are many variables to adjust.
Some engines are not compatible with kerostart due at combustion chamber or starter issues.
It is very easy to convert a engine to a flamethrower. All tests must be done in a test bench equiped by fire supresant devices.
The system we offer including the software has been used and sold on production engines for over than a year with hundreds of engines sold. It is a proven system, but this don't guarantee a succes in your particular engine.
The support from Xicoy Electronica will be limited to the user's manual and clarifications to it. We will not supply turnkey systems, parameter list, etc, because it is impossible for us to test and know all the engines and engine variants in the market.
We will not refund any parts (ecu, burner, etc) that be in good working order but prove incompatible with customer's engine.
IMPORTANT NOTE: These units are supplied "blank", not programmed for a particular engine. Xicoy Electronica DOES NOT supply fadecs already configured for to be used directly to a "brand xxx" engine. Contact your engine manufacturer if you need a fadec already programmed for your engine.

Price: 119
Adapter to connect the telemetry data from XICOY, JetCentral, Wren, Kingtech and JetsMunt ecus that use a servo lead on data terminal connection to JETI, FUTABA, MULTIPLEX and HoTT.
Supports several engines on the same receiver except Hott.
Ecus V6 and older (connector RJ45 8 pin) not supported
Supports Futaba MZ18 and SG14. Robbe Telemetry Box not supported. JetiBox supported, inclusive alarms.
Translates all relevant parameters (RPM. EGT, battery, Pump, Throttle and remaining fuel) from the ecu to the TX, where they can be recorded and alarms set.
If used on JETI and Hott radios, it provides full emulation of the ECU data terminal to access to all ECU functions, and to monitor the startup of the engine. Keystrokes of the buttons on the transmitter are sent to the ecu to allow the navigation through all the menus on the ecu.
On Futaba radios the measures of the received signal strength and fail safe counter are transmitted to the TX for a evaluation of the quality of the radio link and to set a alarm if link became marginal
Please ask us for possible solutions on other radio brands.

Price: 35
Set of 2 large mains trailing edge struts.
Available sizes:
Length: 153mm/6"; 168mm/6,6"; 172mm/6,7"
187mm/7,36"; 135mm
Oleo/pin diameter: 8mm ( add 4 ); 6mm ( add 4 );
without pin 6mm; without pin 8mm
Available pin diameters: 6mm and 8mm.
Weight (aprox): 135: 165g 153: 190g 168: 222g 172: 227g 187: 232g
Material: Aerospace aluminum 7075T6

Price: 90
Large Main LG
Large Nose LG
Large nose strut.
Available sizes: 153mm/6"; 168mm/6,6"; 162mm/6,37";
177mm/7"; 135mm
Available for stering pin diameters of 6mm and 8mm.
Weight (aprox): 135: 77g 153: 87g 162: 95g 168: 102g 177: 106g
Material: Aerospace aluminum 7075T6

Price: 55
Medium Main LG
Medium Nose LG